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Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area

Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area
Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area
Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area
Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area
Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area

Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area

Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area. Introducing our new range of Luxury Air Conditioning, featuring high output UV-C lamps to sterilize the air. This market leading air conditioning unit features the highest specification ever seen! All new systems coming summer 2022 offering air purity and air conditioning in 1 unit!

Utilizing the below features to keep you comfortable this summer. R32 Refrigerant - Eco Friendly.

3 in 1 Filter - Vitamin C, Silver ION and Anti-Virus. Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible. WiFi APP controllable (perfect for Building Management). LUX AIR - Air Conditioning with the ability to sanitize and clean the air in a room with the same system that delivers cool air only seams logical.

Our split air conditioning units are perfect for both residential and commercial use. The KFR-23IW/LUX is a highly energy efficient, easy to install, multipurpose single wall split unit and can be used all year round. It will keep your home or office cool and fresh during the summer months and toasty and warm throughout the winter. Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise. Oscillating air vanes for maximum dissipation of cold air.

Timer feature to turn the unit on and off automatically. Air filters to remove odours and particles. Anti-mould coating for hygienic operation. Heat pump model provides heating as well as cooling. Voice-controllable with Alexa and Google home.

New refrigerant (R32) non o-zone depleting. All split type air conditioning systems require installation (or at least commissioning) by an F-GAS registered engineer.

UK F-GAS laws state you must provide us with details of the F-GAS registered engineer you will be using BEFORE we can dispatch any split systems. Q = Is Air Conditioning efficient? When compared with an electric heater, air conditioning is roughly 4 times more efficient than plug in heaters. Most modern systems have a CoP (coefficient of performance) of 4 (roughly). So for every Kilowatt (kW) of energy used, it will produce roughly 4kW output.

The majority of modern systems are a minimum of A rated, with many being A+ or higher. Q = What is the life span of a typical system This depends on the amount of usage the system has.

For systems used for an average 8 hours per day (cooling in summer and heating in winter) and being maintained correctly, you should expect a minimum of 6 years reliable life. Q = Does it require a lot of maintenance? The system should be serviced annually by an F-Gas registered engineer, which will keep the system running efficiently. Other than the annual service, the indoor unit should be cleaned every 1 - 3 months (depending on usage) and the outdoor unit should be cleaned every 6 - 12 months (again depending on usage) and can be tied into you annual service schedule. Q = Will it do heating and cooling?

Most modern (almost all) systems are known as'Heat Pumps' which will allow the system to produce heating for the colder months and cooling for the warmer months - making Air Conditioning dual purpose. Q = Will it dehumidify? In cooling mode, the system will take the moisture out of the air, so will act like a dehumidifier also. This won't happen in heating mode though (system effectively works in reverse during heating mode). There is also a'Dry' mode, which will take up to 1lt of water from the air per hour if it detects excessive humidity in the air. It is not designed to be a standalone dehumidifier. Q = Where can it be positioned?

The indoor unit has to be positioned a minimum of 100mm from the ceiling with a 150mm gap from the sides (this aides accessibility for maintenance). The outdoor unit must be positioned with a minimum 1 metre clearance to the front and 500mm at the sides, to aid airflow, maximising efficiency from the system.

Q = Single split system or multi split? This depends on the amount of rooms you wish to supply with cooling or heating. Single-spilt systems are designed for 1 room or location. Multi-split systems are designed for multiple rooms, running 1 outdoor unit with multiple indoor units (with multi-split systems, all indoor units must be operating in cooling or heating mode simultaneously).

Q = Does the indoor unit leak water? The indoor unit will generate condensate, which is drained off with a condensate pipe to the outside of the building, so the indoor unit shouldn't ever leak water inside. Q = Does it need a fresh water supply?

Air conditioning is a sealed system running refrigerant, so no plumbing for a water supply is required. Q = Are there any health risks/ benefits? There are rumours that air conditioning has been linked to Legionnaires Disease, but this is a complete myth and very untrue (with regard to sealed systems).

As there is no standing water, Legionnaires does not apply to air conditioning. The internal (cleanable) filters on the indoor unit are designed to filter bacteria in the air, so actually promote good health with cleaner air. Q = Do I Need Planning Permission For An Air Source Heat Pump? As of December the 1st 2011 the laws have been relaxed on installation of air source heat pumps in England and Scotland.

This relaxation of the laws has been introduced to make it more appealing to people who want to have air source heat pumps installed and don't want to go through the rigmarole of applying to your local council for planning permission. This is not an complete list of the regulations required for air source heat pump installations to be'Permitted Developments' however it is a very good outline to follow. We are able to deliver to most UK addresses.

There are some addresses we are unable to deliver to. Please see individual listings for more information. Certain postcodes may carry a surcharge as per the listing. When will my order be dispatched?

Bulk orders or Specialist deliveries may require palletising. Can I change, or cancel, my order? Once your order has been labelled for dispatch it can no longer be cancelled.

Due to the efficiency of our pick, pack and dispatch process, orders can be ready for dispatch as quickly as 30 minutes after order confirmation. Items are often dispatched before we are able to action any relating emails or messages. How do I know when my parcel will be delivered?

Although infrequent, delays to deliveries can occur. What if my item is damaged? We do our utmost to ensure our items are carefully packed and protected, however, sometimes damage can occur in transit.

Once you have received your item, please ensure you check it for any damage straight away. Any damage reported after this period will not be considered as transit damage.

Which couriers do you use? We use Hermes, APC and TPN for the majority of our parcels though we may use other couriers as required. Please feel free to use the couriers' apps, websites to help track your item. While we hope you'll be happy with your Cool Easy items we understand you may, on occasion, need to return the item.

This policy has all the information you'll need to understand when and how you can do this. I've changed my mind.

Certain products will be exempt from the'Change of Mind' clause for health and hygiene reasons. Please wait for us to accept your Return Request BEFORE returning your product. My item has been damaged in transit. This will cover parts and labour but will not extend to accidental damage, user misuse, general wear and tear or malicious damage.

Lux Air Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Inverter System 9000BTU 2.5KW 20m² Area