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LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2

LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2
LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2

LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2

LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2.

The description of this item has been automatically translated. LG Multisplit air conditioning wall unit or. Cassette 1.5 + 1.5 + 2.1 + 2.5 + 4.2. LG multisplit air conditioning freely configurable with LG wall units such as Artcool Gallery, Energy, Deluxe or ceiling cassettes with 2x1.5 + 1x 2.1 + 1x 2.5 + 1x 4.2kW.

LG multi-split system with an output of 2x1.5 kW, 1x2.1 kW, 1x2.5 kW and 1x4.2 kW, depending on the configuration for wall or ceiling mounting. The LG Multisplit Set contains 5 standard plus wall units with an output of 2x1.5kW, 1x2.1kW, 1x2.5kW and 1x4.2kW in the basic package. The set is designed for 5 rooms with an area of room A 15m², room B 15m², room C 20m², room D 25m² and room E 40m² with a ceiling height of 2.5 m. Included in the multi-split set (basic package). 1x indoor unit Standard Plus PM05SP.

1x indoor unit Standard Plus PM07SP. 1x indoor unit Standard Plus PC09SQ. 1x indoor unit Standard Plus PM15SP. 4x reducer for condensate connection.

This set can be configured with on request. Accessories such as refrigerant lines, consoles, pumps. Other indoor units from LG such as Artcool Gallery, Artcool Energy, Deluxe or ceiling cassettes. And in power for room D up to 4.2 kW.

The indoor units of the basic package can be freely selected as a cassette or wall unit, and with this set room D can be configured with an output of 2.5 kW to 4.2 kW. Already now and by 2030 at the latest it will be replaced by the new, more environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which only has a global warming potential of 675.

The LG multi-split system is already operated with R32. Further information about refrigerants, their composition and the explanation of global warming potential & Co. Can also be found on our blog: What is refrigerant?

Quickly connected thanks to the optional Quick Connect system. This air conditioning system is also available with pre-filled lines incl. The configurable multi-split indoor units.

The basic model included in the set is the Standard Plus and has the following functions. The Standard Plus fits into almost any room thanks to its simple design. Find out more about the named functions under Downloads. The Artcool Energy model, which can be selected as a set, offers modern lines and classic style with a special color touch in anthracite. The recommendation here is clearly on the rooms that are used frequently, such as living room, bedroom, office, dining room. The deluxe model, which can be selected in the set, offers an integrated plasma ionizer in addition to the Standard Plus and Artcool Energy, which protects against bad smells or harmful and contagious particles. Here, too, the recommendation is for rooms where air quality and volume are important, such as bedrooms and living rooms, as well as dining rooms and offices. Who doesn't have a picture in the living room?

And this can even cool and heat! The 1-way cassette is best suited for corridors or living rooms with an entrance area such as a hotel room. Cooling, heating, ventilating, dehumidifying, integrated condensate pump. Model series 4 way cassette. The 4-way cassette is the most efficient type of cooling and fits into any false ceiling.

A room is quickly and efficiently air-conditioned thanks to the air flow on Allen 4 sides. Cooling, heating, ventilating, dehumidifying, 360 ° air flow, integrated condensate pump. The LG Multisplit outdoor unit, the perfect solution for several rooms. Multi split systems from LG offer powerful and efficient cooling and heating for two, three, four or even up to nine indoor units in connection with a single outdoor unit.

The revolutionary inverter technology from LG delivers high performance with less energy consumption and at the same time requires less space compared to individual single split systems. A selection of simple and elegant indoor units that harmonize perfectly with any facility are available for the entire range of services and all room sizes. Installation is simple and the various convenience functions enable easy maintenance.

Improved BLDC Inverter Double Rotary Compressor: The 10-year guarantee on the compressor underlines the product safety and longevity of LG products. Flow optimization: Reduced oil influence by extending the oil discharge tube. This leads to sufficient oil inside the compressor and thus prevents compressor wear. Concentrated winding motor: The oil path has been improved by 50% by creating additional space in the stator. This made it possible to improve the cooling of the stator coil. Optimized suction: Less loss of suction line and improved oil collection process by optimizing the suction path. Surface coating: The coating and polishing of the shaft have been improved. Twin rotor: The upper and lower areas of the rotor compensate for imbalances in the rotor rotation.

The maximum speed has been reduced by 45% compared to the simple rotary piston compressor. Vibrations and noise levels have also been reduced. Pressure control by smart sensor: Thanks to the pressure control, the desired temperature is reached 30% faster in cooling mode and 44% faster in heating mode, extremely accurate and stable. "Black Fin" heat exchanger: minimizes the formation of moisture on the lamellas, ensures strong protection against corrosion. Whisper mode: enables quiet operation at night by simply setting the DIP switch on the circuit board of the external unit.

Installation consoles for the outdoor unit. There are various solutions for mounting on the outside wall, pitched roof or floor. Here you can find out more about the selectable Wall bracket or. The lifeline of every air conditioning system and consists of a liquid pipe (small cross-section) and a gas pipe (large cross-section). The liquid line, here the compressed refrigerant flows from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and there absorbs the thermal energy from the air via the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, which ultimately cools the air.

Every indoor unit produces condensation water through the cooling, heating or dehumidifying function. The indoor unit draws in the warm, humid room air and cools it down with the help of the built-in evaporator and the refrigerant.

The humidity extracted from the room is then led to the outside via a condensation hose. Each indoor unit has a condensation water connection for you to use.

The condensate can be drained away over a steady gradient without an additional condensate pump. However, if it is not possible to install the condensate hose with a constant slope and a slope has to be built in, you will need a condensate pump. Here you can find out more about the selectable Condensate pump. Sound pressure level of the multi-split devices in operation. The rustling of leaves, a dripping faucet.

Whispers, ticking clock, quiet bedroom. Office noise, cars, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers. Alternatively, we offer you the following configurations.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer. LG 4-way ceiling cassette MT06R. Decorative panel model: PT-QCHW0 for LG 4-way ceiling cassette Art. Endless clamp Ø 12-25 Art.

Connection piece blue Ø 20mm Art. Connection piece green Ø 25mm Art. Room A condensate pump - (Please select).

Show options for condensate line for incline installation without pump Art. Condensate hose air conditioner, flexible Ø 16 / 18mm-corrugated CUTTING Art. Condensate hose Ø 16mm with fabric insert Art. LG 1 way cassette MT09R. LG 4-way ceiling cassette MT08R.

Decorative panel model: PT-UUC1 LG 1-way ceiling cassette Art. LG 1 way cassette MT11R. LG 4-way ceiling cassette CT09R.

LG 4-way ceiling cassette CT12R. Mounting accessories - (Please select). Air conditioning wall bracket, reinforced outer wall bracket 500 kg Art. Air conditioning unit, floor console, vibration damping, air conditioning, outdoor unit 600mm Art.

Outdoor unit - (not configurable). LG - Outdoor unit MU5 R30. If a guarantee is expressly offered within the item description, you will find the corresponding guarantee here Guarantee conditions. We also deliver and assemble complete sets according to your individual needs!

Sets for solid fuel boilers. Sets for chimneys and fireplace inserts. You can also pay for your goods when you pick them up!

Please note our opening times to collect your order: Mo-Fr: 9:00 a. No matter if Pellet or wood, oil or gas heating, air conditioning or water heater : You will find everything with us all about heating, air conditioning and solar, including complete sets and special offers. With over 10 years of experience, we offer you a range of sustainable system solutions of the highest quality from selected brands.

To find the best solution for you, get one individual and personal advice, detailed product information and a heating, solar system or air conditioning system that is optimally adapted to your needs. For self-installation, we also provide complete sets incl. You have the choice: Boilers, wood gasifiers, wood-burning stoves, radiators, solar systems, heat pumps, buffers (storage tanks) - We have the right solution with the right energy for your needs. By the way: We also have boilers with BAFA funding in our offer and would be happy to advise you. After all, there are the popular models with state support and, thanks to the Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), sometimes even free of charge. In our online shop, you can use our configurators to conveniently put together your own heating and air conditioning solutions.

In addition to this offer, we have a wide range and are happy to put together your personal complete solution. Thank you for your trust! On request, we can also deliver and assemble your system on site.

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LG Multi Split Air Conditioning Wall Unit Od. Box 1,5+1,5+ 2,1+2,5+4,2